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       Garnet                          Amethyst                      Aquamarine

Diamond/Crystal                   Emerald                             Pearl

         Siam                             Peridot                           Sapphire

    White Opal                        Topaz                         Lt. Sapphire

Sterling Silver letter cubes set off by the sparkle of Swarovski® Crystals allow us to custom design a very special personalized bracelet just for you. Perhaps the name of a child(ren) with the birthstone colors (sample chart below) will be the perfect Mother’s or Grandmother’s bracelet. Or celebrate a special bond with a Sister’s or Best Friend’s bracelet. Honor the memory of a loved one with a memorial bracelet. The options of design ideas are endless and completely up to you. All bracelets are designed in consultation with you and a price quote along with delivery estimate will be provided for your approval prior to purchase.

Below are a few examples of bracelets that have

been created and  worn with complete customer

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the  process of designing  your own personalized



This Mother’s bracelet uses white opal Swarovski® Crystals to represent the birth month of October. Brown glass donut beads were added as a way of representing the colors of the university that the child attends. Silver 4 mm beads are inserted between each letter allowing the cubes to freely spin. The detailed toggle clasp is both easy to use and secure. Finally a small heart charm engraved with “Made with Love” adds a special touch.

This bracelet sold for $40.00

Clear, sparkling Swarovski® Crystals are the perfect choice to honor a birth in April. Tanzanite Swarovski® Crystal donuts were added at the request of the customer because of her love for the color purple. The textured silver bali beads and heart shaped toggle clasp are added flair to the design, Finally, a baseball bat, ball and glove charm was attached to represent her child’s love for the game.

This bracelet sold for $60.00

Two children are honored in this double strand Mother’s bracelet. Narrow iridescent glass beads in peridot and sapphire are linked together at strategic points in the design in order to keep the two strands positioned together when being worn. The tiny heart bead frames at either end allow for the two strands to finish as one and attach to the heart shaped toggle clasp.

This bracelet sold for $100.00

Emerald bicone Swarovski® Crystals for the month of May are the focus of this Mother’s bracelet. Combined with simple 4 mm silver  and textured 6 mm corrugated silver beads, this design is both elegant and casual. The small heart shaped charm engraved with “Made with Love” adds a special touch.

This bracelet sold for $50.00

Ruby Red glass beads pop as the birthstone for July in this Mother’s bracelet. Flanked by the four pearl button beads signifying the birth month of both parents, the added cutwork silver barrel beads add flair to the design. A heart-shaped toggle clasp and “Made with Love” charm finish the bracelet with a special touch.

This bracelet sold for $45.00

Swarovski® Birthstone Colors

     January                  February                    March


      April                         May                         June

        July                       August                   September

    October                  November                December

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Important considerations to note:

The pricing of the bracelets on this page vary according to the number of Sterling Silver Cubes used in the design, the charms added and to a lesser extent the choices made regarding the colored beads. Although it is our opinion that the use of Swarovski® Crystals enhances the overall quality of our bracelets, we welcome inquiries regarding the pricing on a glass bead or gemstone bracelet.

Also, although we strive to maintain our supply of the Sterling Silver letters and numbers, at any given time we could be out of stock or in the process of restocking. If this is the case, generally we receive shipments from our suppliers within seven business days and would be able to design and ship your order by the next business day.

For questions regarding the shipping date of your order or the pricing of a bracelet using alternative materials, please contact us by clicking here.